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Monday, October 14, 2013

How To Stand Out From The Crowd At Trade Shows.

We always get questions on to how to stand out from the crowd when exhibiting at a Trade Show. Here are some proven suggestions:

Colors - Every year the trade show industry associations do studies on what color(s) seem to get the most attention at Trade Shows. Every year the answer is the same, yellow wins. Followed by red and then orange. (see how that red caught your eye)

Sound - Any type of unusual sound or sound effects will do, but there are 2 sounds that really seem to grab people. The first is the sound of compressed air being released. This trick has been being used by Fun Houses for years to catch the attention of visitors. The easiest way to get this sound at your booth is by filling balloons. The next the sound (click click) of the prize wheel. Just know that having poor prizes on your wheel like 10% off your purchase or a t-shirt will loose the attention just as fast.

Smells - One of the most successful smells that we have seen is fresh hot popcorn. It reminds people of younger days and of a delicious treat of course. I have seen people wander the aisles blindly simply following their nose to find the popcorn.  

Pretty People - Yes we are talking about Trade Show Models. We are not talking about women in skimpy outfits, but it is true that very attractive, professionally dressed men and women do catch many people's attention and can get you that extra moment you need to stand out.

A Crowd - One of the best ways to stand out in a crowd is to start a mini crowd of your own. People always stop to see what they may be missing when  a large group of people are lined up or gathered. So how do you start a crowd, we'll make that the subject of our next blog post. It's too long to list here, but a celebrity is the #1 way.

Big Bold Message - At most Trade Shows the exhibit booths look quite similar. Except for a handful of companies who really seem to get it, not many companies make an effort to stand out. All of the suggestions listed above will help you to stand out, but once you get noticed you better have something good to say. You should have an offer, a promise or a major value proposition that is BIG and BOLD in their face. Don't be afraid. Your at a Trade Show and that's the name of the game. There is a reason so many Trade Shows choose to locate in Las Vegas. And there's a reason that the Las Vegas Strip is littered with roller coasters, huge water fountains, live volcano's. It's bold and it gets attention.

This article was written by Joe Bottone from CDS Displays for more information of to contact Mr Bottone visit